spiritual healing Austin, TX


Art and Dance Therapy inspired sessions, to revitalize and direct you home. Weaving Eastern and Western traditions to optimize the flow of life force. Body centered wisdom to energize the landscape of your sacred life.

body centered therapy Austin, TX


Enlivening, contemporary ceremony design. Officiant services for your unforgettable events: Weddings, Baby and Bridal Shower & Blessing Way, Commemorative Birthdays,
Anniversaries and Transitions.

dance therapy Austin, TX


Eclectic group sessions to deepen, explore and express your soul. Join us for a local class or host a public or private group experience:
Genius Journey | Be Soul 
Embodied Alchemy | The Art of Play 

"Gabriela's mission helps others listen and align with their intuition as guide. Her sessions access subtle heart articulation. There is magic and momentum to such articulations that offer priceless perspectives. The atmosphere Gabriela creates is so supportive and nourishing that expressing my inner world feels natural and easy." 
Darren Rhodes | Founder, Yoga Oasis

Superfood for the Soul

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Activate the life you're born to live, now.