“Compassion in Action-Devotion in Motion”

By Gabriela Masala

Nov 24

“Soul Seeker”…Thanks for your questions… here’s what the winds of wisdom blew in…
What is the nature of letting go? True “letting go” is a nervous system response. It is a disengaging of the chemistry of control, also known as withholding, contraction, closure and unlove. Some feel the “holding on” as a shallow breath or tight sphincter or low grade (to chronic) inner clench. The nature of “letting go” then includes a deepening of breath…an EXHALE, a loosening, a disarming, a softening, an opening of the heart , a dropping in to one’s self and one’s Source. A wiggle, a shimmey, laughter, a good cry, a wild dance, vocal toning or a deep belly scream all support the disengagement. It must be a bodily felt, vibratory experience to be total. “Letting go” is allowing the drop of consciousness to feel its home in the Ocean of Being, and feeling the Ocean of Being at home inside of the drop of consciousness. It is a deep relaxation and restoration into the place of unshakable peace that is always accessible. “Letting go” is being in connection and communion rather than in isolation or separation. The flavor is unmistakable and no other mimic can compare. Ain’t nothing like the REAL thing. You are wise and knowing, witness yourself and tell me what you discover… “What IS the nature of Letting go?”

How can I practice deeper, more authentic compassion? Make a commitment to deepen your capacity to love and be willing to be humble before the great Mystery as it lives through you.
Compassion is a state of grace that comes with melting open your heart and feeling your kinship with all life. Imagine the love and care you feel for that which you hold most dear, sacred and precious…then apply that to every sentient being you encounter. That is an amazing exercise to practice.
Just last week, my husband, daughter and I were the last passengers onto our Southwest flight. Our 3 year old daughter and I were separated from my husband and ended up next to a single dad with his 15 month old boy. We were in the boondocks…the last row of a bumpy flight, stuffed full of people, including 20 plus Fraternity boys who I was not digging. I was grumbly and mad inside. I did NOT want to share my paid middle seat with this guy and his kid, much less share my row. I did not want to love him. My breath got shallow, my jaw tight. I was armored. I noticed this in an instant. Thank goodness, that like “letting go”, compassion builds muscle strength in practice. I immediately saw my hypocrisy (One Love, my ass!), and my closure. I remembered all the times I traveled solo with my baby on my lap, squished into a single seat, feeling vulnerable and needing help, and kindness.
I smiled, introduced myself and welcomed my flight neighbors into my heart. For the next 2 hours we talked, laughed, shared snacks and connected as humans with tender hearts, parental responsibilities, joys and challenges. I held his baby so he could go to the bathroom, and offered an extra hand when needed. I listened as he shared about his life and felt so grateful for the opportunity to connect and get over myself. I let go of my resistance to having 2 kids on top of me, to tending to & nurturing an “other”, a “stranger” (when I felt tired and really just wanted to read my book and nap). “Compassion in action, devotion in motion” (Mc Yogi), is a life practice. I hope that this example of practicing on the spot helps to ignite your deeper understanding of what cultivating compassion might look like for you. And a final note, please include compassion for yourself in your practice, forgiving and embracing even our moments of disgruntled closure is of essence. Anything can transform and flourish when held in love …everything and everyone, known and unknown gets to drink of the love.

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Gabriela is a natural intuitive, with a knack for bridging inner and outer worlds, bringing relevance to daily living. Her guidance is infused with pure love, in the service of health and wholeness. She has been steeping in the universal wisdom teachings of metaphysics, mysticism, Shamanism, Yoga, Zen, Transpersonal Psychology, Earth-based Spirituality and Energy Medicine for over 20 years.

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Kristen Lynnette November 24, 2009


Thank you for sharing your story. I have been in similar situations such as the one you found yourself in on the plane. Situations where I tighten and don't want to open and let go. A rebellion I know I am holding onto. When I let go and breath and open myself to love and miracles, amazing things happen. I have the same experience of connection with others, when moments before, I was holding onto control and tightness.

I am always amazed at the power of letting go. I appreciate you being open about your experience. Thank you for the reminder and it is also reassuring to know that others, like yourself, that I respect and love, experience moments of tightness and frustration.

Thank you also for the reminder to always love myself. I appreciate this post!


Jaimie November 25, 2009

When my second child was just weeks old, and my oldest was 3, we sat at a restaurant with our neighbors, an older couple with grown children our age. They were like our second parents; wise, kind and understanding. Our dinner arrived just as I started nursing my baby. Butch, our neighbor, immediately scooted over and cut up my chicken for me. It was so simple, yet so immensely kind and helpful it made my husband and I well up with tears (he had his hands full with the three year old) I will never forget how wonderful that felt.

TimeToShine November 25, 2009

As ever, sweet heartful dynamic-energy-Queen Gabriela… Yea!

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