Deep. Simple.

By Gabriela Masala

Jul 12

“I feel so strongly that deep and simple is far more essential than shallow and complex. In the end, life isn’t about material things. It’s about the relationships you have with one another and yourself.”  Mr Rogers

Deep. Simple.
I am refraining from apologizing for how long it has been since I have made a blog post.

I don’t prioritize blogging, promoting, selling Everyday Magnificent books or making social media posts. Many say I should. Instead, I prefer to be Spirit led, writing and sharing only when inspired. I am not interested in building a following, establishing a platform or creating an epic brand. Nor do I use my bandwidth and precious attention to market and manipulate algorithms to land a slick “#1 Bestseller” on Amazon. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I am inspired to serve life and share my soul’s calling with as many beings as have hearts and ears to listen. I don’t want you to follow me. I want you to follow YOU. Follow your hearts knowing and where life is leading you. I am inspired to direct you home. If ever there was a time on our planet to come home and wake up, now is the time.

Here’s the deep, simple truth of what is moving for me. I am intimately immersed in relationship with all life. My days are rich with learning, loving and leaning in on the humble unlearning and rewiring process required to evolve our species. It is time to evolve or die. Deep. Simple.

These days, the inundation of fake news, virtual realities, artificial intelligence, technology overload and shallow complexities is insane. I notice there is more distraction, over stimulation, addiction, empty entertainment and information flooding our mainstream than ever before.

Simultaneously, we have constant opportunities to practice regulating our energy and staying aware of what is deep and simple. These are crucial life skills. This is the initiation to awaken and activate our whole being intelligence; to get current with where life is leading us.

These days, life leads me to the garden in the morning sun – to be barefoot in nature, as often as possible. It leads me to the arms of my beloveds, and to exploring creative, imaginal, quantum realms. It leads me to serve, sing songs of regeneration and move through the world in life giving ways. Life is leading me to have the conversations that matter most; that move the needle (and mountains), that ignite heart presence. Life is leading me to engage in paradigm shifting; to live in communion with the Mystery, in collaboration with others devoted to evolutionary love and earth stewardship.

Deep. Simple. We need all hands on deck. My calling is to show up to the daily invitation to light up, while inspiring others to do the same. Thich Nhat Hanh, who so beautifully refers to us as Interbeings, says that the next Buddha will be the Sangha. I feel he is spot on. The next enlightener of our collective times is not one of us, it’s ALL of US. We are all called to our genius, to fall deeply and fiercely in love with life, and the earth, and each other. We are in this together.

So, where is the deep and simple life leading you? Why have you taken a human form, now during this potent great turning? Most days I am excited and honored to serve. Other days I am drowning in despair. The deep and simple miracle of Being breathes me into new possibilities. The depth and simplicity of love, beauty and wonder (perceived everywhere through the hearts eye) grounds me in the subtle reality, at Source. I am reminded of who I am and why I am here. I am renewed with courage to show up fully. This “showing up” asks me to surrender; to transcend the little self, ascend to a higher vibrational state, and then descend, the current of our unlimited, divine nature all the way through my spine. Once embodied, love walks in beauty – as wholeness through the world.

How about you? Who are you, really? And why are you here, now?
And where is the deep, simple life leading you?

May we live into these questions, and leap playfully into the Unknown.
May we savor the adventure of showing up fully…Being fully who we are, and Being fully Here. Now.

“Stay awake. The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don’t go back to sleep!”

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About the Author

Gabriela is a natural intuitive, with a knack for bridging inner and outer worlds, bringing relevance to daily living. Her guidance is infused with pure love, in the service of health and wholeness. She has been steeping in the universal wisdom teachings of metaphysics, mysticism, Shamanism, Yoga, Zen, Transpersonal Psychology, Earth-based Spirituality and Energy Medicine for over 20 years.

Gabriela Masala