Everyday Magnificent Online Course Overview

Life changing online course

Renew your creative spirit and unlock innate genius, designing a magnificent life, on your own terms.
Use journaling, drawing, meditation and heart/brain coherence activities to look within. 
Align with your purpose and access a revitalizing way of life, rich with discovery and beautiful transformation.

Go on an adventure to create the life you imagine. You'll get to be playful, curious and devoted to you. On this inspiring 21-day journey, you'll tap a wellspring of vitality, purpose and wholeness in your daily living. You'll be reminded of what we all knew inherently as children, life is meant to be magnificent, and we're all reality artists, creating our dreams from the inside out. This is a beautiful re-connection to your wisdom and your creativity, to ignite the spark for manifesting your dreams.

The journey and the gifts of wisdom you'll receive are profound. Exploring earnestly, accessing whole brain and heart intelligence, you'll tap a wellspring of vitality, purpose and wholeness. 

What's Included?

The Everyday Magnificent Online Course includes:
 30+ pages of guidance for creative, appreciative inquiry journaling,              simple art expressions, meditations and unique, user-friendly, activities
 - Three self-paced modules 
 - Enriching content, activities and materials in beautiful, downloadable  
 - Instructional Guidance Videos to support your process and facilitate
    the experience
 - A guided meditation only available through this course
 - Lifetime access: come back any time you want to take the journey!

What's the cost?

The beautiful, 21-Day Journey to a Magnificent Life is priced at three levels: accessible to all budgets. Every level gets access to the same content. Give yourself the priceless gift of accessing innate joy, free flowing creativity, and living on purpose.

Gabriela Masala