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For the past 20 years Gabriela has been serving individuals and communities worldwide through intuitive, energy medicine and expressive arts based consultations, events and retreats. After integrating multiple modalities into her facilitation practice to help people “heal”, she realized that the greatest service she could give was to point people back to their own innate genius, intuition, wholeness and sovereignty. She even stopped using the word “healing” and began to focus instead on building relationship to the aspect of our human being that is already “healed”- already whole, infinite and divine. She began to focus on supporting others to live with this unlimited part of their nature as guide.

At the end of inspiring events and retreats, she would often hear people say “It is back to the real world.” She felt so clearly, we have this all wrong. The peak experience of meditations and retreats: feeling regenerated, creatively fulfilled, connected, empowered, unlimited should not be the exception in a life, it can be the norm! This inspired the creation of the interactive journal, and process, Everyday Magnificent. The book is a guide to a lifestyle practice that integrates these peak states into the “real world” of daily life. Since sharing this process, she has seen countless peoples’ lives uplifted and transformed. They are happier, more connected to the source of life itself, lit up with creativity, vitality and in love with their lives.

It is a journey that takes curiosity, practice, playfulness and surrender. Yet as we practice living in gratitude, cultivating whole brain and heart coherence, and allowing the creative force of life to flow through us, we are able to re-frame and rewire our inner and outer world. We begin creating a magnificent life by our own design.

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What people say about Everyday Magnificent…

Everyday Magnificent has changed my life, by encouraging me–through art, play, and inner reflection–to actively choose what I’m focusing my attention on every single day. As my inner landscape has become clarified, joyful, and magnificentized, my outer world is changing to match this new, elevated vibration. Gabriela has a way of using her inner sparkle to invite you–through the pages of her book–to step onto the playing field of life, drop your inhibitions and doubts about ability, and vibrationally move into the life of your dreams – now. This is a gift that keeps on giving. I intend to share it with my family, my children, friends, and every person I meet.
Kat Lindsay| Facilitator, Entrepreneur Arise Video | Wild Family TV  

This workbook is amazing!  True Genius!
Dr. Joe Dispenza’s, Encephalon Product Team

Everyday Magnificent is a manual to know my soul that I am creating day to day that guides my life. It is a place where I can have an intimate relationship with my playful creative spirit. The practices remind me of my essence and who I want to be and I am always so excited to see what my daily time with my Everyday Magnificent journal will reveal!
Maria Skinner | Owner, Starfish Yoga & Dance | Founder: BeSoul Dance 

I have been working with Gabriela for over a decade and most recently have begun a journal she put together called “Everyday Magnificent.”  It has become part of my morning routine and I am so grateful for it! It strengthens my life. I have gratitude for all that I see, live and hold.The journal is a venue where I honor my creative forces.  With intention, here I take time to bow to all that is, creating unity and love within every page.
Victoria Reyes | Master Educator, Professor of Humanities

Everyday Magnificent is a holistic remedy to true integrated living and breathing. Gabriela entreats one to consciously pause and witness what is being offered and manifested in the moment. My spiritual practices have been enriched by the way we are guided into a deeper introspection of the enlivened spirit within us all. We are One.
Claudia Castro Levrett | Owner, Yogini,  Yoga Teacher Trainer Del Sol Yoga

Everyday Magnificent is a step by step guide to truly becoming an alchemist in our own lives. It has inspired me to trust fully in myself and my intuition, unleashing the artist within and encouraging my souls dance to joyfully come alive.
Ileana Dominguez Walsh | The Kindness Project Facilitator

Everyday Magnificent is a guide into the heart of one’s artistic and spiritual life. Gabriela’s guided inquiries and suggested meditations support awakening, via art and writing; latent feelings and memories, flood into the Ever Magnificent Well of Life! Everyday Magnificent is practical and inspiring. It’s changed my priorities – supported me being more engaged with life.
Nubia Teixeira | Author, Yogini, FounderBhakti Nova Yoga, Educator 

Following the simple guidance of Everyday Magnificent has made the colors of my life brighter and richer. Highly recommended! Gabriela’s always shares generously from her mine of inspiration, a deep well of practical daily keys to a more sublime life. GRATITUDE!”
Jai Uttal | World Spirit Musician, Bhakti Yoga Kirtan Legend

I Love, Everyday Magnificent.  What a practical, playful workbook of self exploration and expression. Each day is an invitation to meet myself through creativity and honest inquiry. I have followed and benefited from Gabriela’s work for many years and see her transcending the personal and carrying the overview of not just the global but the cosmic. Her compassion, clarity and intuitive seeing have graced my life and inspired me to step daily into a life of love, joy and expansive possibilities.
Yarrow King | Choreographer, Movement Therapist

This is more than a book. It is an interactive experience which stimulates self awareness and growth. It includes page after page of tools and reflective journaling prompts. I invite you to step into this journey to Everyday Magnificent.  
Laurraine Rizer | Horse Whisperer, City Planning Consultant

Everyday Magnificent is a beautiful gem filled with tools, reflections, inquiries and wisdom that has helped catapult my creativity, self awareness and inner knowing in rich and deep ways. The guidance and framework is simple and powerfully effective.  It often times only minutes in my day to feel a complete transformation, and I always feel re-oriented towards joy, gratitude, beauty, peace and harmony. My 6 year old daughter and I love diving into this creative journey together, and I am so grateful she too can access these beautiful tools and be steeped in practices that she will benefit from the rest of her life. Everyday Magnificent is a beautiful journey of self inquiry that continues to lead me back to wholeness each time I revisit it. Thank you Gabriela for sharing your gifts and wisdom with us, for your passion for inspiring individual and collective healing and transformation for all.
Elissa Shapiro | LCSW, Founder: Body Vida Movement & Expressive Arts

Much thanks to Gabriela for bringing me back HOME to what’s important in life. The book reminds you of how magnificent we are and how magnificent everything and everybody is around us. Starting the day using these practices is totally inspiring and transformational.
Theresa Chai | Entrepreneur, Energy Medicine Practitioner

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Gabriela Masala