Everywhere You Are-THERE IT IS!

By Gabriela Masala

Nov 01

Life force… In the blue eyes of a client trusting me with her deepest heart. In vast sky, floating clouds and iridescent, golden glow of setting sun.
In grackles, hawks, hummingbirds. In giggling 5 year old soul sisters skipping exuberantly. In the presence of my beloved husband…heart leaping, spine shimmering…joy bubbling.
In the most delicious avocado I have ever eaten. In purple flowers- luminous at dusk.In this breath, and the next.
Everywhere I look… In you. In me. Life force is everywhere, all the time, all at once. Isn’t that just amazing?

About the Author

Gabriela is a natural intuitive, with a knack for bridging inner and outer worlds, bringing relevance to daily living. Her guidance is infused with pure love, in the service of health and wholeness. She has been steeping in the universal wisdom teachings of metaphysics, mysticism, Shamanism, Yoga, Zen, Transpersonal Psychology, Earth-based Spirituality and Energy Medicine for over 20 years.

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Gabriela Masala