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Everyday Magnificent Workbook for transformation

Everyday Magnificent

Everyday Magnificent is a workbook for a life of awesome. Dive in for practices that inspire your whole being, reshape your worldview, and reinvent your best life. This book offers a fast track to an embodied life of gratitude, creativity, mindfulness, presence, and joy. It is rich with activities, inquiry, and practices to engage your whole being in the great adventure of your life. This is not just a journal; its a guide to experience a new way of living. The content and the process take the reader on a journey from which they are sure to emerge happier and more engaged in creating their most magnificent life. Learn More Here.
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$12.99 | Hard Copy

simple wisdom books

One Love Nuggets

Fun, random, and poignant wisdom at your fingertips. Turn to any page and receive a bite size nugget of ‘superfood for the soul.’
This little book brings attention to the mystery and the love that unifies us all. When we dwell here, everything takes on a richer perspective, and we become more alive. Let this book become weathered and worn from the warmth of your hands. Keep it at your bedside, desk or in your pocket. Call on it anytime you need a lift or reconnection to your inner guidance system.
$5.00 | Hard Copy

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