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New Year's Special: Temple Blessing and Clearing!

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Give the Temple of your body, and your home, a fine tuned blessing and clearing.We will hone in on the changes and shifts you are making in your inner world, apply the art of placement principles, and Shamanic clearing, to clean and bless your inner and outer home space. This potent ritual opens the way to your energized momentum, upgrades and recalibrates the vibrational field.

Temple Blessing and Clearing

Contact Gabriela to arrange your Customized Blessing and Clearing

Living In Our Sweetest Spot: Soul-Full Embodiment

authentic relating games Austin, TX

Based on our 7 Energy Centers, this paradigm shifting series will explore ways to deepen connection, and awaken spirit in matter. Learn and practice the art of finding and living in your sweetest spot. Weekly tools to tune into your inner guidance system: a progression of lessons, inquiry and fortifying tasks, kinesthetic experience to activate and embody wisdom, weekly recordings and handouts for home study, and lively, compassionate instruction, facilitation and coaching. 

This series is inspired by Martha Beck's Diana Herself, (a great companion book to the teleclass series though not required reading).

Facilitated by Gabriela Masala & Maria Skinner. These sisters in spirit and blood, share decades of journeying in the realms of energy medicine, vital health, mysticism, alchemy, movement and expressive arts.

You will receive your first week (1st charka) tasks and conference call information upon registration. Register here! We look forward to growing with you!

Living In Our Sweetest Spot: Soul-Full Embodiment

Global Teleclass Series: Mondays Jan 29-March 12, (7 week series) Noon-1:30 CST

COST: Teleclass with Participatory Coaching | $125

COST: For those repeating the Series | Teleclass with Participatory Coaching | $100

REGISTER HERE for either option (scroll page to find Sweetest Spot).

Embodied Evolution-9 Star Ki | The Turning of The Cycles, and Relationship Wisdom

9 Star Ki astrology workshop Austin, TX

9 Star Ki is a Japanese adaptation of ancient Chinese wisdom teachings that offer understanding into the energetic patterns, dynamics and tendencies we all embody. Simply applied and practiced, 9 Star Ki attunes us to Nature’s cycles. It empowers us to more skillfully navigate our relationships, and thrive in harmony with the wisdom of Creation. Receive immediately relevant insights to support essential heart and soul expression that evolves living and relating.

Upcoming 9 Star Ki Dates:

February 3 and February 24, 2-5pm  | Del Sol Yoga, ATX

Cost: $45 Single | $75 Couple


Genius Journey®

womens personal growth art therapy movement therapy Austin, TX
Multi-Class Series and Day Long Immersions for Women

The journey of a life time IS YOUR LIFE! You are the heroine, alchemist and genius at its heart. On the Genius Journey® women embrace their infinite creativity, and use all of life as fuel for growth. Expand awareness and explore your radiant expression. Commune with inner guidance systems and cultivate a more intimate conversation – with your essential nature and life’s mystery.

In the witness and company of aligned women, we embark on a Genius Journey®. Our experiential space is skillfully facilitated to include appreciative inquiry, authentic movement/dance, play and contemplative expressive arts. With guidance, series participants write, draw and create their own Genius Journal™, a design map and documentation of their emergent intelligence. Ladies, this ain’t no talking circle! Come ready to move, voice, create and play. This work profoundly accelerates the flow of energy in our lives and opens unseen doors to the miraculous.

Walking, moving, dancing, flowing, connecting within and without, writing, drawing and dreaming through Gabriela's Genius Journey class series has been like a dream come true for me on my path of creative expansion, integration and expression. And what a sweet, loving, safe space Gabriela creates for magic to happen. She embodies a gentle but strong command of the space, guiding and allowing for one to relax and explore more deeply.

Johanna Duncan
Healer, Bodyworker

Upcoming Genius Journey® Dates

Contact me for upcoming playshops or to bring one to your home, studio, or retreat.

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