Photographs taken during Hidden Languages of the Soul Retreat with Zola Dubnikova in Mexico.

What the world needs is people who have come alive. Howard Thurman

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Women's Dance Medicine | 6 Week Series

April 13- May 18, 2023 | Thursdays 10:30am-noon : 
10:30am-12:00 Noon

Del Sol Yoga | Register via Venmo: Click here to pay (@Gabriela-Masala)

Explore the ecstatic & cathartic power of music and dance to bring joy, peace, and liberation  into your body and your life!
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Access the rejuvenating wellspring within you and explore movement as a direct pathway to wisdom, joy, and healing. Experience the alchemy of dance medicine within compassionate sisterhood support. Be nurtured in a beautiful space bathed in natural light, surrounded by a soundscape of enlivening, heart-opening music. We'll offer invitations for self guided and community dance, turning up the volume on the authentic embodiment of freedom and joy.

This series is designed for the woman hungry for soul fulfillment. She is ready to insource her power and deepen her connection to the sacred in her daily life.
Receive the transformative momentum these consecutive weekly sessions
will weave into every area of your life.

Facilitated by Elissa Shapiro & Gabriela Masala
Soul sisters, transformational guides & sacred movement professionals
with over 50 years combined experience supporting women to become their best selves through movement and the expressive arts.

Cost: $120 by April 1st, $150 after
Register via Venmo: Click here to pay (@Gabriela-Masala)

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Location: Del Sol Yoga - 13118 Fitzhugh, Austin TX 76736

"What always stands out to me about Gabriela is her impeccable space holding and facilitation. It is so refined. She guides us with such playfulness, humility and mastery, making space for healing and liberation. Everything she catalyzes is magic."
-Chelsea H

“Elissa is such a warm, inspired and gifted woman and her teachings are unlike any other experience. I felt so comfortable and safe that I was able to dance and move without judgment and be in my body in a way that I never had before. There is something magical about the experience and the connections I made with other women through Elissa’s teachings that will be with me always.”
-Molly C.

Flame & Flow Dance Alchemy

Saturdays December 3rd & 17th : 

Del Sol Yoga | In Person

This deeply nourishing, guided movement experience blends pranayama, floor play and free dance in a soundscape of music from around the globe. It will ignite your somatic intelligence; circulating healing life force and liberating subtle energy. Clear your mind, shake off tensions, embody joy. Focus your intentions and dance them into reality. This body prayer, dance medicine practice soothes the body, mind and soul. Activate breath, sound and movement; our original superpowers. Bring your devotional heart, playful spirit, a journal/pen.

These sessions are for women only and rooted in Divine Feminine practices.
Please share these events with sisters you feel would resonate. Invite friends. Let's lift up the energy and celebrate life together!

Pricing (per session): $25-35
Pay via Venmo: Click here to pay (@Gabriela-Masala)

Location: Del Sol Yoga - 13118 Fitzhugh, Austin TX 76736

Flame & Flow Dance Alchemy also available as private sessions, in person or virtual.

“This practice is an answered prayer; a healing salve for my humanity, intimate sweetness with my own soul and a creative boost for every area of my life."
Flame & Flow Participant

Women's Song Carriers Circles

December 3rd
11-12:30pm | Del Sol Yoga | In Person

The Song Carrier Tradition was founded by Madi Sato, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It’s a culture steeped in ancient, Earth-based wisdom from every continent and infused with the unifying power of prayer songs, both old and new. We sing in mother tongues (rooted languages) from around the world, and we practice orienting to daily life as a walk in beauty.

We circle up and sing. We’re a growing multi-generational and intercultural collective of sisterhood through devotional song. The circle is devoted to singing ancestral Earth songs as well as the new songs rising up from the Earth, while weaving a creative communal space of prayer, dance, and ritual around a central fire and water altar.

These sessions are led through an oral body-centered approach that empowers women to free the natural, intuitive, voice for healing, joy and expression. These song circles are ideal for women new to the Song Carriers tradition as well as seasoned participants.

We circle around the original altar of all peoples, the fire and water and encourage participants to explore their own unique relationship to these elemental mentors. If you are called to be a keeper of songs and lover of the Earth, join us. 

Co-facilitated by Kate West and Gabriela Masala, Austin Song Carriers is a life-giving, bubbling wellspring of vibrant women gathering in community song, prayer, dance and the celebration of life.

Pricing (per circle): $25-35
Venmo (@wildkatmama), RSVP Required.
Payment secures reservation.

Location: Del Sol Yoga - 13118 Fitzhugh, Austin TX 76736

Samba Reggae Drum & Dance Workshop

November 19, 2022
3-5:15 pm | Del Sol Yoga | In Person

High energy-Love Vibes - Come One, Come All!
I will be cofacilitating this joyful event with master percussionist & my sweetheart of 25 years, Solomon Masala.

3-4pm: Learn these infectious, life generating rhythms as an ensemble (Drums provided on site)

4:15-5:15: I will guide us in powerful movement, sensual flow and community connection to live drumming with euphoric, Afro-Brazilian grooves.

Drum & Dance: $35 for both
Drum only: $20 | Dance Only: $20
Register via Venmo @Solomon-Masala
RSVP Required. Payment secures reservation.

Location: Del Sol Yoga - 13118 Fitzhugh, Austin TX 76736

Samba Reggae Drum & Dance

Dream Wisdom for the Waking World: Level 1 Master Course
October 5-December 7, 2021 | Tuesdays 7-9 pm CT | Virtual

Tap the wisdom, guidance and insight of your dreamtime to fuel your evolution and benefit your daily life. The mysterious realms of our dreams take us into the territory of our deep psyche, our InterBeing and interdimensional communication. In dreamscapes we astral travel, commune with beings known and unknown; process our well of emotions, receive a wealth of revelation and resolutions to the most simple and the most weighted issues of our lives. Yet many people don’t remember dreams, nor have a clue how to distill their richness and integrate their wisdom into the waking world. Our dreams never lie. They always come to us in the service of health and wholeness. Learning to circulate dream wisdom into your conscious reality is an integral step to being whole, fulfilled and free from the inside out.

It is time to wake up!
It is time to tap the big magic of the dreamtime and apply its intelligence to your living. In this master course, I will give you the leap of the cat, by sharing my lifetime of dream study in Jungian Dream therapy, Shamanic and Indigenous Dreaming, whole being health, energy medicine and the sacred arts. This territory is pure magic. In these realms we enter the supernatural and paranormal. With safe and playful facilitation, and through direct transmission, I will teach you how to use my trusted tools, tips and best practices to access your inner wisdom dreamer and conscious creator. You will learn multitudes from your dream symbols, messages and content. Additionally, the collective group dreaming intelligence, will offer emergent insights and expanded consciousness that will blow your mind.

In this Master Course you will learn:

  • How to increase dream recall and bridge distilled content into daily life
  • How to access your life relevant genius and higher intelligence in dreaming and waking
  • Expand your understanding and application of the dream language, symbols and energy
  • A unique body of Dream Wisdom(tm) teachings developed over decades of practice
  • How to develop your natural superpowers and unique ways of seeing   

You will receive:

  • An expansion of your ability to read energy and matter in the dream field and waking life
  • Potent transmissions of dream mastery through a fusion of proven skill sets
  • Individual, therapeutic dream distillation focus that catalyzes your personal growth
  • Core level healing, clearing and guidance offered through transformational facilitation
  • Grounded reflection, witness and upliftment within a safe, coherent learning community

Bonus: 50% off Private Expansion and Mentorship Sessions with Gabriela
Available through the duration of the course.

All levels of dreamers are welcome. We meet in a context of clear intention and living meditation. Our small groups meet virtually in a loving community where everyone is seen, heard and receives specialized attention. Get ready to have fun, go deep and quantum leap!

Dates: October 5th-December 7th,2021- Every Tuesday 7:00-9:00 pm CT On Zoom
Only 12 spots available, once full, a second cohort will open for Thursdays Noon-2pm CT

This 11 week journey is not a prerecorded ecourse. It is a living, organic container for learning and transformation. You will journey with an intimate dream council into the mysteries of the Dreamtime. Sessions are experiential and interactive in nature. While sessions will be recorded, the ideal is to show up live to get the most of this experience. It is an immersive deep dive. This priceless experience will benefit and enlighten every area of your life.

Dream Wisdom for The Waking World | Level 1 Master Course 
$1500: Regular Price (After Sept 28, 2021)
$1o00: Early Bird (Register by Sept 27, 2021)
$500: Scholarship Price (Select by self-determined need)

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Once you have registered with payment, you will receive your welcome letter and overview.
This course is a prerequisite for Dream Council Facilitators (Dream Wisdom for the Waking World: Level 2 Master Course).

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  • Be A Lighthouse:  Stay Centered and Broadcast Bright
  • Elevate Intuition 101

Walking, moving, dancing, flowing, connecting within and without, writing, drawing and dreaming through Gabriela's Genius Journey class series has been like a dream come true for me on my path of creative expansion, integration and expression. And what a sweet, loving, safe space Gabriela creates for magic to happen. She embodies a gentle but strong command of the space, guiding and allowing for one to relax and explore more deeply.

Johanna Duncan
Healer, Bodyworker
Contact me for upcoming playshops or to bring one to your home, studio, or retreat.

Gabriela Masala