Spacious Being- Stop, Drop and Flop.

By Gabriela Masala

Jan 15

Drop…Drop in.
Flop… be held in Love, in the Mystery, in your deepest self.
There is a sacred marriage of being and doing and I am always in the dance of living this harmony. I sense this true intimacy and unity is available in any moment! I wrote the following thoughts a few weeks ago after falling asleep and waking suddenly from a dream.
I am coming out of the dream time to broadcast a very important message:
I know, this may sound contrary to all this “waking up” I constantly spout, but it is not at odds with awakening at all. Nor is it a polarization to the “Carpe Diem” of living fully.
The last few nights, I have fallen asleep in total ecstasy. I snuggle beside my 3 year old love bug, massaging her feet to the soundtrack of my sweetheart’s deep, loving voice telling an epic bedtime story. Last I remember, he was talking about shooting stars with rainbow trails of light. Then, Talia’s breath fell deeper and her body dropped (and flopped) into the bliss of sleep. Mine too apparently, till I got myself up to come bring you this important message.
During the Winter season, all kinds of living things draw inward, root deeper into the Earth, into darkness and stillness, only to emerge with new life in the Spring. Bears hibernate, nights are longer, our psyches call us into a deeper quiet, “being with” and ” dropping in” to the depths. Are you responding? Are you stopping to pause? To rest and sleep? The Dalai Lama says, “Sleep is the best meditation”. I admit, I definitely am not getting enough sleep. Are you?

Lately, I stay up late doing creative work and then savor sleep till the crack of dawn or a bit later, if I am extremely lucky. I can count the number of nights of uninterrupted sleep I’ve had since becoming a parent, on one hand. Extra luxurious nights have minimal swats and kicks from little limbs in the bed or my kind hubs takes our little one to the bathroom instead of me. But even beyond sleep, lately, I am feeling the need to just STOP. Where is my “off” switch?
The richness of my life is a joyous blessing that I treasure with gratitude. However, if I am not mindful to stay in balance, my life, my body and my mind get over active. Whether the over activity comes with working or playing, dancing, running, writing or thinking, traveling in cars, planes and trains, there comes a time when I need to stop, drop and flop!
In my family, we experience “flopping” as a total letting go. It is a complete surrender to having to hold up our bones as well as our postures of an engaged “go for it” human. Even our nervous system releases any grip when we flop. Lately, I have been craving the “flop.” Flopping on the couch and doing nothing or flopping on the Earth in the sunshine, this is ecstasy. I am after the no-thingness, the just be-ingness. I want to dissolve all agendas and responsibilities of time, caretaking and cultural agreements. I want to be like the frogs on the canyon walls that lounge all day and commune with the elements of water, earth, wind and sun.
I know that quieting the monkey mind and nervous system rev is a moment to moment choice. I know this choice is available any time, any where. There is a quality of reflective spaciousness that though subtle is pure soul food. While I often experience being lit up by the muses of movement and expression. Stillness, quiet and stopping also fill my cup and refuel my soul. I love prayer, ritual and meditation for all these reasons. They bring intention and attention into the very breath of now and the time space continuum (which can sometimes feel like a fast train going everywhere at once) disappears.
I know how to live in the world of people and things. Yet the Indigenous idea of time as a circle is really much more nurturing and ultimately more life giving to me.
I invite you to join me…stop, drop and flop. Step out of linear time, even if just for a few moments and be receptive to what you discover there. Stop, pause, breathe. Drop in more deeply into your core, your source. Flop into the arms of the Divine.
And with a long, luxurious exhale, in just an instant, we are deeper in our center, where nothing is lacking, relaxed at home in our selves, wherever we are.
Ah yes, Spacious Being.
How about you? How do you strike the balance of being and doing?

About the Author

Gabriela is a natural intuitive, with a knack for bridging inner and outer worlds, bringing relevance to daily living. Her guidance is infused with pure love, in the service of health and wholeness. She has been steeping in the universal wisdom teachings of metaphysics, mysticism, Shamanism, Yoga, Zen, Transpersonal Psychology, Earth-based Spirituality and Energy Medicine for over 20 years.

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Jaimie January 16, 2010

I love this post. This post was so delicious it was like raw chocolate for my soul. How I felt that magical space and time of family bed, holding small chubby feet in hands, and talking in the dark space until we all would drop off mid sentences to sleep. The beauty of the stop, drop and flop. I love it.

Nancy Wait January 16, 2010

Thank you for this wonderful post! You know the secret to staying in balance. I am totally with you on the importance of sleep, of letting go of waking life and embracing the unknown with complete surrender. Sleep, the great nourisher. We can even heal ourselves in sleep, I've heard.

I love the work you do and how you express yoursef. I'm a big fan! Thank you!

Carolyn Ringo January 17, 2010

Flopping to me is a state of surrender. If I don’t want to feel what is present I just keep busy doing, as the culture tends to encourage. But when I am ready to listen, which I can only do when I am rested, I “stop, drop and flop.” Then I hear and feel the Oneness echoing throughout my being in concert with Life. Ahh… In answer to your question: I sleep as long as my body wants, I meditate, I pray, I walk in Nature and I flop! Thank you for your lovely postings, reminding us of our loving inner nature Gabriella.

Donya Meggs January 18, 2010

Your sharing is much appreciated, Gabriela… and very timely for me. Thanks. <3

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