Transformational Sessions

You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop. Rumi

Transformational Sessions


Liberate your energy and experience life giving evolution!
With compassion, and playfulness we'll meet at the soul level and focus to catalyze whole being breakthrough. We turn the volume up on your innate wisdom, intuition and creative power. The results are humbly miraculous. In a society that gives the message thousands of times a day that we need fixing - or to look externally to find what is "missing," I point you home, inside, to access your inherent wholeness and brilliance. I have a potent tool chest of expressive arts, ancient wisdom, mind-body, energy medicine and metaphysical practices for your transformational experience. Sessions are available virtually or in person. 

Virtual Transformational Sessions

Virtual: Zoom - 75 min

We'll access core level healing and transformation as we connect to your Superconscious (your higher self, your innate wisdom and self-healer). You will learn to activate this inherent power to serve every area of your life. We clear emotional charge from past imprints as well as blind spots in the unconscious. We transmute energy and rewire the nervous system. Physicists say, energy cannot be created or destroyed - it can only be redistributed within a system. You are a whole system, with nothing wrong and nothing to fix. Together we simply redistribute energy within your system to create greater health, harmony and flow. Sessions are guided intuitively and somatically, integrating various modalities within a foundation of unconditional love and wholeness. I often include the lens of 9 Star Ki, an ancient wisdom tradition, based on date of birth, to reveal data on profound dynamics, tendencies and cycles to better inform your life optimization. Clients experience the felt sense of understanding, healing, a more spacious interior, emotional levity and peace. A single session is a revelatory boost. A series of sessions helps ground lasting change and repatterning over a season.  Book your session now.

In-Person Transformational Sessions

In Person: 2 hours

You'll receive all the goodness of a virtual session (read above), in the vibrational sanctuary, sweetness and beauty of my home studio. Nestled among trees, and perched on an East facing hilltop, Dancing Oaks, Sky Temple is a place of regeneration and calm. Based on your inspiration and weather permitting, we'll include the facilitative presence of open air, vast sky and elemental, earth wisdom. You will coregulate to the natural world, and your trusted transformational human guide that is attuned to your needs and focused on supporting your highest and best outcomes.
You will receive:

  • Transformational healing, inquiry, and conscious life creation
  • Somatic meditation, movement and ritual, curated for you
  • Take home tools and practices to re-enter your life, revitalized

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Why start with a season?
While a single session is a priceless boost, lasting transformation is best served over time. Committing to 3 months, (weekly or bi monthly), moves the needle exponentially, shifting the reality of your daily life. You will unlearn limiting patterns and beliefs that have been holding you back (often unconsciously), learn how to create safety internally, and cultivate the capacity to self guide your own healing and integration. Get clear about who you are now; experience greater self awareness, and take action towards your highest visions. Unleash creativity, joy and aliveness.
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"For the past 25 years, Gabriela's consultations have provided me with insight, guidance and inspiration. Her positive, enthusiastic style will leave you feeling clearer, more energized and ready to take on whatever you might be facing."   Britt Bravo, Big Vision Consulting

Gabriela Masala