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You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop. Rumi

Transformational Life Coaching

Bring new light, energy and evolution to a specific area of your life. With compassionate intuition, we'll focus on the soul level in creative and empowering ways, to receive insights and skillfully bring higher vision into daily living. In a society that gives the message thousands of times a day, that we need fixing or points us externally to find something we are "missing," I prefer to point you home. I am here to serve you to access your innate wholeness, harmony and intuitive wisdom.

The nature of life is evolution. As an inspired and supportive companion, I'll help you leap to your next level of awesome - in any area of your life. Within a foundation of gratitude and compassion, I help you  guide yourself to see and overcome blindspots. I offer earnest, supportive reflection, practices and processes to keep you accountable as you take quantum leaps. I love seeing you transform before your own eyes, accessing authentic power and creativity beyond your wildest imagination.

Once you have purchased a session, I follow up within 24hrs to schedule with you.​
Here's to your beautiful unfolding!
Sessions are available in person, phone or Skype.

Inner Wealth | Art and Movement Integration Sessions

These life affirming sessions access immediately relevant, applicable insights, that go far beyond talk therapy and mainstream coaching. Engage in direct, heart-centered dialogue, personalized meditation, and integrated creative expressions. We’ll use diverse modalities to tap innate wisdom, ignite creativity and increase awareness. Though single sessions are available, packages of 4-8 sessions are highly recommended. A series of sessions accelerates growth and cultivates lasting behavioral change. Individual, couples or group sessions available.

Once you have purchased a session, I follow up within 24hrs to schedule with you.​

Inner Wealth Program and Retreat Design and Facilitation

When teams, families and communities share this work, a collective intelligence and vision emerges.

Groups bond more deeply and experience personal and collective breakthroughs.

Call on me to custom design and/or facilitate your group session or retreat.

Ideal for conferences, private gatherings, and organizational retreats.

Embodied Evolution | 9 Star Ki

Based in ancient Eastern wisdom teachings, 9 Star Ki reveals energetic patterns, dynamics and tendencies we all embody. Applied with simplicity, and precision, 9 Star Ki sessions offer practical insights that increase awareness towards a more skillful navigation of life and relationships. They deliver immediate understanding and wise counsel. They attune us to live in greater harmony with Nature’s cycles. Sessions powerfully support relationships between couples, families and teams, highlighting potential hot spots and optimal functioning. 9 Star Ki sessions require birth date, month and year for calculations. Individual, couples or group sessions available.

Once you have purchased a session, I follow up within 24hrs to schedule with you.
Sessions are available in person, phone or Skype.​

Art of Placement | Intuitive Feng Shui

Whether it’s your home or business, all spaces have the potential to nourish us with flowing life force. The mindful act of clearing clutter, coupled with deliberate placement of objects can greatly enhance your living, happiness and productivity. Learn to create sanctuary in your home; a space for the soul to rest and for all to thrive. Initial consultation and recommendations can be made in a single session.

A Package of 2-4 sessions is available for hands-on assistance in transforming spaces.

"For the past 18 years, Gabriela's consultations have provided me with insight, guidance and inspiration. Her positive, enthusiastic style will leave you feeling clearer, more energized and ready to take on whatever you might be facing."   Britt Bravo, Big Vision Consulting

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