One Love Nuggets-The Book-“Superfood” for the Soul

By Gabriela Masala

Apr 05

I love the feel of a trusty wisdom book that is weathered with my love. It is worn from the warmth of my hands and has ear marked corners on favorite pages that I keep revisiting to rediscover myself and the mystery of life.

I am delighted to introduce:ONE LOVE NUGGETS a book for us all. It is compiled of morsels of inspiration from the tastiest nuggets from this blog. This book is insightful, witty and full of pearls of wisdom to inspire your daily living. Keep it at your bedside or desk, drop it in a backpack or pocket, share it and enjoy it as a companion on the journey of the soul.

Anytime you need a lift or reconnection to your inner guidance system, One Love Nuggets is at your service. Turn to it and turn in to your heart’s knowing, every time.

Praises for One Love Nuggets

“What an inspiration you are! As the mystics say, life is not a problem to be solved, it is a mystery to be lived, seems like you’ve got that one down! With love from Deva [Premal] and myself, Miten”Devotional Musical Artists

“One Love Nuggets is ripe with insight and guidance. It speaks directly to the One heart we all share because it is written in the language of the heart itself. It does the trick each and every time.” Darren Rhodes, Author, Yoga Resource Book, Founder YO and Tirtha Studios

“One Love Nuggets is like a beautiful jar of love vitamins. Take one each day to remind you of what really matters.” Britt Bravo, Blogger | Have Fun * Do Good

About the Author

Gabriela is a natural intuitive, with a knack for bridging inner and outer worlds, bringing relevance to daily living. Her guidance is infused with pure love, in the service of health and wholeness. She has been steeping in the universal wisdom teachings of metaphysics, mysticism, Shamanism, Yoga, Zen, Transpersonal Psychology, Earth-based Spirituality and Energy Medicine for over 20 years.

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Gabriela Masala