Moving On As Love

By Gabriela Masala

Mar 29

We are moving into our new home on Wednesday. I have been packing for days. As usual I am with the multidimensional shifts happening in my heart and life as well as in our world. Change is in the air.

Here are some eternal life lessons that are up for me today.

  • Let go: What a gift to reinvent ourselves in the moment and lovingly, ruthlessly stay current with what and who it is we really are. What is necessary to take on the journey? This includes objects and possessions as well as ideas, concepts and beliefs. What IS reality? And what do I really need? How can I best serve today, now? Letting go of whatever no longer fits or supports our life direction is essential, on all levels. Letting go is a gift.
  • Keep it light…Sometimes less IS really more…less stuff, less words, less emotional charge. There is enough density and heaviness already in the world. Can I keep a light heart, a lightness in my step, even with the weight of stress, packed agendas and life intensities? All the while staying grounded and engaged in cultivating the very core rhythms that truly nurture life?
  • Feel Into the Space.This morning I packed Talia’s beloved stuffed animal collection. She has been creating elaborate plays, concerts and gatherings with her 30 some odd friends. She calls them “friends”. Before she left for school I told her I would be doing more packing. I am sensitive to how it feels for her to have her life packed up into boxes. I keep feeling into the space to sense what will serve her to stay secure and at ease, even while her familiar home is turned inside out and recreated. “May I pack your stuffed animals”, I asked? “And is there a favorite one you would like me to leave out?” She took a deep breath and said, ” Well, yes Mama, you may pack whatever you want. Please leave out Kitty and Clara Beara, because they need to be with me.” Her tenderness and request was so kind. It brought tears to my eyes now as it did then.
  • Gratitude as Guide: After doing a silly departure dance in the driveway, as Kenya and Talia drove away, I got to work, like a focused whirlwind of energy. Yet with everything I packed there was a palpable sensation of gratitude. I felt gratitude for every niche of our home and how this sacred space has supported us to thrive. I took down the string of lights around the mantel, leaving the sun and moon candle holders, a Buddha and prayer flags. Those will be the last items to go. They are essential space keepers. This home, even with it’s sluggish plumbing, cavernous hallways and brick oven bedrooms (in the searing hot months) has been a haven. It has contained timeless moments of laughter, love, tears, affection, dance, play, rest, creative juice and celebration with family and friends. It held us through big transitions; weaning, birthdays, potty training, deaths, new beginnings, leaps of development and leaps of faith. I am grateful for every single one.
  • Move on As Love: I am equally grateful for the beautiful new house we will inhabit. I am excited to build a new nest and delight in the sanctuary that home can be. One of the simplest pieces of inner guidance that comes to me these days over and over again is to “Move on as Love.” Whether we need to move on to new places, new faces, new phases, or complete relationships, agreements, projects…whether we are moving on from challenges, grudges or hiccups along the way, we can move on AS LOVE…
    We can trust the Winds of Change when we move on as love.
    I guess that comes back to today’s lesson #1.
    Let go!

    Have a glorious week y’all!

About the Author

Gabriela is a natural intuitive, with a knack for bridging inner and outer worlds, bringing relevance to daily living. Her guidance is infused with pure love, in the service of health and wholeness. She has been steeping in the universal wisdom teachings of metaphysics, mysticism, Shamanism, Yoga, Zen, Transpersonal Psychology, Earth-based Spirituality and Energy Medicine for over 20 years.

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Britt Bravo March 29, 2010

Beautiful post, chica!

Gabriela Masala March 29, 2010

Thank you, B! Loving you! G

Traingirl March 29, 2010

Particularly relevant to me, dear one. Holding up items right now. Do I need this? I never wear this. Why can't I part with it? The piles everywhere. What do these piles mean? They are not me. I am not them. And yet, opening the drawer and picking up the cards or the photos…and wanting to keep. The practice is to place it all in my heart. Let go of the physical. Cherish its meaning deep inside. Good practice…a 4-day corpse pose, perhaps?

And what could be better to sweep out the old. Move ova, rova…I got somthin' BETTER!

can't wait to see your new digs and to show you mine!

AquarianAgeAmy March 31, 2010

This is a perfect post for what's happening in my life right now. My room floor is covered in stuff that I am sorting through. I liked feeling the shifts in your blog as you go from letting go to feeling gratitude and looking for newness.

I am letting go of over half of my stuff mostly sold in yard sale last weekend, but more is being let go. Trusting the Universe that I won't be empty if I were to let everything go even those things like the Buddha and the prayer flags that once held space, because for the next two months or more my "space" is with me on the road…

Gabriela Masala March 31, 2010

Yes! Let go and Trust the Universe!
Have an amazing journey!
Now it is time to become the Buddha holding the space and let your breath be the prayer flags in the wind…Happy, sacred trails! Thanks for your comment!

Gabriela Masala March 31, 2010

Traingirl…Thanks for your comment! I replied but I do not see it here! Congrats on your new home too! Trusting this is the home to house a whole new era of joy and love! Cherishing your big, tender heart! G

AquarianAgeAmy April 1, 2010

You are such love! thank you! yes become the Buddha! Happy sacred trails to you and keep posting on your blog! love it!

EJ April 5, 2010

To constantly reinvent ourselves is part of the transformation process. Reinventing ourselves means we may have to part ways with old friends who want us to remain unchanged and gaining new friends who support us in our new journey.

gabriela April 5, 2010

Thanks for your comment, EJ. Yes, I agree. Jai Jai reinvention…and may the circles of friends supporting our evolution and transformation surround us! With heart, G

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