Be The Big Love

By Gabriela Masala

Jul 27

“Creating an extraordinary existence depends upon the energy that we select to weave into the fabric of our life…. the continual attraction and encompassing of higher energy that increases the vitality of our life.”

Rudi–Behind the Cosmic Curtain

As I sit down to write today, I am feeling the metaphoric power of life in the desert. Sometimes our inner and outer teachings get so hot! The heat of the fire is searing, “beastly,” (as a visitor to Tucson once remarked). It is at this point some say, “I am outta’ here.” We bail on a relationship or challenging situation just when staying in the fire would bring break through into new beauty and power. If we allow it, the heat can quicken us; the burn, enlighten us – transmute us. Is it any wonder that fire is cross culturally an element of transformation?

July in Tucson reflects this energy. If we are willing to stick around and keep showing up (just when we think it could not get any hotter), the monsoons arrive – quenching the thirsty earth. Monsoons are glorious. Cacti fruit and bloom in bright, amazing colors, rainbow sunsets delight, creeks flow again and the golden twilight opens portals into new dimensions…

It is from this beautifully satiated, hot, breakthrough place, that I bring you The Big Love.

Disclaimer: As usual, do not believe a word I say. Feel what rings true in your heart. The Big Love is not gushy, mushy, woo woo. It is not always comfortable, or enjoyable. It can get hot, even intolerable to the parts of us that need to burn and die, to the egoic cling-on hold to all that does not serve our evolution.

The Big Love is a growing machine. It wants our Big Life, our Divine Life, our most ALIVE LIVING. It is not for the faint of heart or multi-dimensionally lazy.

Over the past few weeks, the Big Love has been the recurring theme-thread that wove through over a dozen intuitive sessions in my work as well as many personal conversations. The cultural Dreaming clear, the message so strong; shown to me over and over again; “Be the Big Love”. While the applications were different, the remedy was the same: “Be the Big Love.”

Everybody wants a lived experience of being the Big Love. And why not? The Big Love is our natural state. It is what we are born for, wired for…it’s what we belong to and where we belong. It’s our most primal existence. It is a relaxation in our nervous systems, where we are at rest, at home in the Source. Being the Big Love creates a state of presence in the play of consciousness where the mind and senses, in full color and flavor, bloom as servants of the heart. The Big Love is the current of grace we ride through the sea of intuition and universal love.

Does this sound too “touchy feely?” You bet. The Big Love is about touching and being touched by life! It is about feeling fully alive, feeling truth, feeling inspired, and feeling life pulse in every cell.

Disclaimer #2, Even when it does not feel “good,” it is still possible to feel fully alive.

Tap the God of your understanding and ask to be guided to living the Big Love! What does this look like for you? What does the Big Love want from you? What gifts does it offer you?

Ask these questions and then allow this free flow of Big Love energy to guide you in the improvisation of life. Be spontaneous, fresh and unrehearsed. Be unleashed freedom with sacred containment. Delight in this. Savor it. Be awed by all that arises, and falls within it.


  • Extend Radical Forgiveness. Yes, forgive everything.
  • Extend Radical Self Permission. Allow full access and expression to your whole being.
  • Be Vulnerable. Reveal. Admit. Show your true colors, full spectrum, full chakra.
  • Be Lived. Delight, savor, relish, bask, luxuriate in the Divine, as you understand it.
  • Be Held in the God of Your Heart. Source your living from this place.
  • Distill Wisdom from the wounds of your history, transmute poisons into medicine.
  • Liberate Attention once stuck in the past. The present moment thrives on your free attention; it uses it as building material for magic and miracles.
  • Follow the Dreaming and Mystical Realms.
  • Maintain a Supple, Healthy Body.
  • Surround Yourself in Beauty.
  • Surround Yourself in Love.
  • Tell Yourself the Truth.
  • Sing Your Soul Song. Chant, Vocalize.
  • Embrace Tears and Laughter equally and unconditionally.
  • Play. Be Silly, Goof.
  • Touch and Be Touched.
  • Live in a State of Gratitude.
  • Choose Big Love. Don’t wait for some one or some thing outside of you to show up first. You be it. You choose it.
  • Remember the Big Love – ReActivate if life feels shrunken, dull or stuck.
  • Let Everything Drink of the Big Love.

Practice this, as I am, and witness a recalibration of your life.

You are the Big Love. Get it while it’s Hot!

About the Author

Gabriela is a natural intuitive, with a knack for bridging inner and outer worlds, bringing relevance to daily living. Her guidance is infused with pure love, in the service of health and wholeness. She has been steeping in the universal wisdom teachings of metaphysics, mysticism, Shamanism, Yoga, Zen, Transpersonal Psychology, Earth-based Spirituality and Energy Medicine for over 20 years.

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Britt Bravo July 30, 2010

Beautiful post, chica!

Gabriela Masala July 30, 2010

Thanks, Chica! can't wait to be the Big Love with you in person.

Kristen Lynnette July 31, 2010


I love this post! I love how you refer to the desert and use it as a metaphor for growth. As I am missing the desert right now, I was loving hearing you talk about it!

I love the heat of the desert, it is intense and I have felt the desert to really foster my growth. I have definitely heard people say "I am outa here". I never understood them! My love fore the desert runs deep.

An interesting phenomenon is happening to me on my travels. When it is unpleasant, I am finding myself wanting to say "I am outa here" and I want to run back to the desert.

I am asking myself what is the healthy balance here. I get so uncomfortable, I want to go back to "my place" of comfort. Seeing what you wrote and remembering people say "I'm outa here" (and remembering my reaction to them) I have to look at myself and the places I want to say "I am outa here".

This is powerful. Thank you. I am asking what is true and appropriate for me and my growth. I have definitely been making it through the heat to the monsoons, this usually happens on a daily basis on my travels.

Overall I am so thankful for this experience and the growth.

Also, I want to be the BIG LOVE! I love all you wrote on this subject. Thank you so much. I especially love what you wrote on forgiveness. Forgiving EVERYTHING! This feels powerful.

Thank you so much, you INSPIRE me Gabriela. I appreciate you and thank you for this post.


Traingirl July 31, 2010

Thank you big loved one. This is lovely and makes sense on so many levels. A question I have is: what if we're feeling small? I do get that the Big Love exists even in places of sadness, but sometimes there's a perception I have (and others I know also have) that Big Love has to be BIG and WILD and EXPRESSIVE and "off the hook" and exciting and soul-touching…like, say, the big split leap that makes the dancer fly and makes the crowd "ooh" and "ahh." Is it still Big Love if you're just merely stepping over a crack, or even just shuffling? Sometimes, out here, it feels like a lot of pressure to be all lit up and big-eyed and, well, big, period.


Gabriela Masala July 31, 2010

You are welcome Big Loved One. I hear ya and feel where you are coming from with your great questions and really appreciate it. It was not at all my intention that "Big" mean or look like WILD, EXPRESSIVE or large in size or appearance. I wonder if feeling "small" comes first from thinking "small". Hummingbird, small creature, Big Love vibration. River stone, leaf, flower, child…all relatively small, all simply being the Big Love. When I feel "small", I am sometimes in a state of judging myself, repressing some voice, thinking "not measuring up", "not good enough". The Big Love is more about being just right, as I am, relaxed into my own skin, even with self doubt, even with sadness or defeat, held in the "Bigger" context, which is The Great Mystery, the Universal love, the circle beyond the line of linear reality. What I am pointing towards is an inner state, a neurological resting point, an "In here", not to be misperceived by an "out there" place. I can be the Big Love in a cave, in my bed sleeping, in the world weeping…no crowd, no "Ta da", or "SEE ME!"… that is not "Big Love", that is inflation. It is more of an allowing of what already is, a natural light. Fruit ripening on a tree in the sun. It can be silent, solitary, is not special. We often hear that God is within us, and the other side of that is that we are within God. We are but a drop in the ocean of the Big Love, yet the Big Love is in every drop. Catch my drift? "Wide eyed?" Apply deer medicine and be loving, gentle, kind in the process of undoing, nonthinking, relaxation into life as it is, being ALIVE in what is. That is the Big Love, being you, right now. Loving you, just as you are, G PS and if you do feel off the hook, excited,flying, leaping, and it is authentic, that is beautiful too, yet only one facet of expressing The Big Love.

Gabriela Masala July 31, 2010

Kristen! Hey Globe trotter! Thx for your comment. How wonderful to hear that you are dancing with the fire and staying power of being the Big Love in yourself. It really is an inner place, and only each of us can feel where we are bailing. Whether you continue to travel or come back to Tucson, may your home and "right place" be the relaxing into your beautiful, authentic self, as it is. Don't bail on that. Love her and celebrate her in the highest. In every location. Even if the celebration is an embraceable challenge. And yes, forgive everything. It is a fast track to letting go. May your heart be buoyant, In the Big love, G

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